Consulting Services

  • Weighing a career in specialty coffee - or new to the industry? I can help with business plans, growth, retail or wholesale options, and navigation of the industry

  • Roastery Build Outs: Consulting on all needed aspects of roastery builds, including what to look for with utilities, workflow, set-up, any and all needed capital equipment for producing coffee

  • Specialty Coffee Roasting: Education on profiles, technical roasting, blend education, quality control and roasting theory

  • Green Coffee Buying: Spot and Futures Contract consulting, including assisting with selection of coffees for single origins, general offerings, blends and understanding the relationship between Green Coffee Buying and Roasting

  • Access to Valuable Coffee Industry Relationships that are vital to business

  • Wholesale Sales and Operations & E-commerce including customer acquisition, customer relationships, pricing of coffees for wholesale and retention of customers

  • Website Guidance including coffee content and platform

  • Contract Roasting for established companies (please e-mail me for specifics)

  • Packaging / General Marketing

Pricing available upon initial consultation.