"Specialty Coffee - It's All About Relationships."

One of my early coffee mentors - a 40-plus year veteran in specialty coffee - frequently shared this mantra with me while we roasted batches of Costa Rica Tarrazu together, out of a 12-kilo roaster. As the smoke cleared from those early roasts and early days as his apprentice, and the years rolled by in my coffee life, it turns out he was right on the money.

Starting in 2004, my coffee journey has included being a Roastmaster, Green Coffee Buyer, General Contractor, Director of Wholesale Operations, and an Owner, just to name a few titles. Most often, I performed these jobs all at once. Nowadays, in addition to representing a leading global coffee roaster manufacturer, I spend time consulting others in the specialty industry.

Without so many invaluable relationships in coffee in my early years, I might have never ended up in a position to pay that mentorship forward. This desire is at the heart of Maloney Coffee Consulting, to help others reach their coffee goals, to invest time in anyone who is passionate about coffee so they can get where they want to go in this fantastic industry.

If you are brand new to a career in coffee, are in the early years of a start-up, or even an established business owner looking for straight forward, down-to-earth guidance and support to further your own coffee journey, I'd love to hear from you.

Fire off an e-mail to patrick@maloneycoffee.com or fill out the Contact Form, and let's start a conversation!

Patrick Maloney
Maloney Coffee Consulting

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